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“A Marketing System So POTENT, Experts call it the ‘VIAGRA’ For Entrepreneurs and Internet Marketers. Use with Caution!”


If you’re truly looking to earn a high six figure or even seven figure income from your business and/or website, then forget about all the crap and Marketing 101 you have read or listened to over the years from all the so called “experts” and “gurus” because it WON’T get you there. Period. What I am about to teach you in this NEW Program, Insane Marketing Strategies, is LITERALLY the exact same information I have taught to some of the world’s top entrepreneurs and Internet marketers, and the exact same system that has allowed us to generate more customer traffic and sales revenue in 30 days, than our competitors generate in a year.

Unless you were part of my high paying private clients (which are still an amazing value, based on what they get) the information YOU will have access to, has NEVER BEEN RELEASED TO THE PUBLIC. EVER. Until now


Insane Marketing Strategies is neither theory nor conjecture. It’s Real World, Street Smart Marketing Techniques and Strategies that WORK!


EVEN IF YOU attended one of my rare and high priced sold out seminars, you would have learned only a FRACTION of what you will learn in this NEW INSANE marketing program.

You see, my seminar attendees in North America, Europe, Asia (even the Middle East) have paid $250-$2,000 a day to learn from me, the same secrets I have taught to numerous FORTUNE 500 companies behind closed doors and marketing strategies some of my private clients have paid up to $2,500 an hour to learn.

Take a Quick Glimpse of some of my Seminars in Dallas, Boston, Chicago, Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur and Singapore:

I can honestly tell you that 98% of what you are about to learn, you have never seen before

 Here Is A Peek Inside The Vault Of What You Will Learn 
  • How I created a $2,500 martini for a restaurant that gained $50,000 in FREE publicity and HUGE new revenue, and how YOU can apply this same technique to YOUR business and website, it doesn’t matter what business you are in, what industry you are in, or where on the planet you live. Be ready for a stampede of NEW customer traffic. This is TOTALLY INSANE!
  • Why YOU MUST, MUST, MUST charge more than your competition and your customers will gladly pay it. You will learn the “Donald Trump Philosophy” and how to apply it. This is NOT for sissies.
  • CRUCIAL INFORMATION: Why using words and phrases like “The Best”, “#1” “Great Customer Service”, “Satisfaction Guaranteed”, “Integrity”, etc, is Marketing Poison and has NO effect on a Buying Decision. You will learn exactly what words to use!
  • What words and phrases customers gravitate to. And, more importantly, CREATE the urge to buy. I actually learned this technique from a real estate agent who was ranked “Top 10 in the World” for one of America’s biggest real estate agencies, earning him $400,000 in commissions in ONE MONTH!
  • How one of my Middle Eastern marketing clients took just one of my ideas, and immediately gained three new customers worth more than $3 million in NEW business to him. I will teach you that EXACT same strategy.
  • How the Bellagio and Caesars Palace use this ONE marketing technique for huge sales and how YOU can apply it and produce killer results… nobody knows how to use it, but you will learn how! I expose it in this INSANE program.
  • How YOU can create a HIGH PRICE, PREMIUM product that at least 20% of your customers will immediately buy… giving you an added income stream and loyal base. Do this next week and watch what happens!
  • Why football is like marketing, it is a game of inches. In football if you are off by an inch, you could lose the game. If your marketing is off by a word or two, you could lose tens of thousands of dollars in sales. I will show you how to write ad copy so magnetic, this will NEVER happen. If you want to hire me to do this for you: it is $750+ an hour. However, with this program: it’s included.
  • I will show you how to create a BUSINESS CARD ON STEROIDS (ADVANCED UPDATED version!): One of the most powerful marketing techniques I teach and I have UPDATED it for this program! You will learn how to create a business card so magnetic, it will generate a 60+% call conversion rate. This alone will add $100,000+ to your income. Works regardless of what business you are in; and every day that you are not using this technique, you are throwing money out the window. A mortgage banker from Plano, Texas implemented my Business Card on Steroids and added $55,000 in revenue in a 45 day span.
  • DIRECT MAIL HAS NO DELETE BUTTON and the single most powerful source of marketing for your business and website. I will show you how to write mail pieces that generate a 4+% response. Let me repeat that: FOUR PLUS % response rates. I had seminar attendees pay $1,000 for the day to come to my event to learn that strategy ALONE. Ever wonder how multi-millionaires are made? They understand how to use direct mail to generate sales and generate massive traffic to their stores and website. This alone will be worth 100 times the cost of the program to you.
  • My patented “XXXXXXXX” marketing technique. (Now BANNED in one Middle Eastern country, which will remain nameless… but perfectly legal everywhere else!). Please use with caution, NO POTENTIAL CLIENT will say no to you. That’s a fact. Lethal and effective.
  • How to get someone with a Twitter following of 500,000+ to tweet about your business or website for FREE! A technique I teach that by itself, is worth 1,000 times the cost of this program. Companies pay folks with huge Twitter followers anywhere from $10,000 to $50,000 to tweet about their product. I am going to show you how to get them do it for nothing. Guaranteed
What HIGHLY SUCCESSFUL ENTREPRENEURS say about me and my programs:

“I came to this country in 1986 from the U.K. with the clothes on my back and $1,500 in my pocket, and am now Chairman of a $100 million publicly traded company with over 5,000 agents.  I worked hard to get where I am today and am not easily impressed. After hearing Mark speak at one of my events and seeing my agents get in line 200 people deep to buy his book,  I was impressed. Not only at the information he gave my people at the seminar, but how the attendees appreciated his marketing ideas as well. He is the real deal.”
Ralph Simpson, Unique Underwriters's Chairman & Founder,
“I currently work closely with Anthony Robbins and Chet Holmes in a business venture, have been involved with Craig Proctor for many years as his #1 speaker and trainer and as a real estate agent I was ranked Top 10 in World for Coldwell Banker. I consider myself a top performer and only work with top performers, and when it comes to marketing Mark McClure is at that elite level with myself, Anthony Robbins, Dan Kennedy, Chet Holmes, Craig Proctor, Jay Abraham and only a handful of others. Just one of his ideas could make you millions! Whatever the cost of his program buy it, it will pay you back many, many times over”
Brian Moses,
“I saw Mark speak in Phoenix a few years ago, as part of a seminar series, and all I remember is when he started talking, I didn’t stop taking notes until he said his last sentence. Amazing, outside the box marketing information I immediately applied to my online business…”
Ken Spohn, Investors Classifieds Owner,
“Mark’s practical approach and powerful message, are a MUST READ  for anyone wishing to achieve success in the sales profession”
Nido Qubein, Chairman of the National Speakers Association Foundation and Business Life Magazine and One of the great inspirational minds of our time
“Mark’s system is full of fast acting ideas and methods you can use to increase sales and profits… FAST!”
Brian Tracy, NY Times #1Best Selling Business Author and one of the most sought after speakers in the word

“Mark, Where On Earth Did You Ever Learn These Outrageous, Profitable Marketing Tips, Techniques and Strategies?”

For the past 10 years, I have conducted numerous, numerous marketing boot camps all over the globe and I still always get asked the same question at every single one of these… “Where Did You Learn This Information? This is Off The Charts!”

Well, at age 26, with nothing but a credit card as my working capital, I set out on my own to blaze a path as an entrepreneur, without ANY business or marketing training whatsoever. I simply applied street smart, outside the box marketing ideas I thought (and believed) would generate sizable customer traffic and sales revenue, and within 24 months of implementing my ideas pulled in sales of $1.5 million and had a of base of more than 60 employees! 

I can proudly say, that what I accomplished, I did with no help from any ad agency or graphic designer. No advice from some blow-hard, “I teach because I cannot do” sales guru or speaker from some seminar. EVERYTHING, and I mean everything I learned from trial and error, blood sweat and tears. I sank or swim based on my own performance, and what I have learned over the years on how to sell products and services on the internet and in person is going to shock you! Marketing Ideas and techniques you have NEVER, ever seen before. I promise.

Since my start at age 26, I have sold products and services and negotiated and closed new business deals from $1K to over $100 million in more than 30 different industries on 4 separate continents. I have successfully started and sold  numerous businesses both online and offline, and have worked hand in hand with some of the world’s top entrepreneurs and Internet marketers on launching their new products and INCREASING the sales revenues of their existing ones. It has been during this timeframe I have been exposed to some of the craziest, most outrageous and profitable marketing tips, techniques and strategies I have EVER seen. Ideas that I came up with on my own and in partnership with multi-multi millionaire entrepreneurs from all over the globe that allowed us to generate millions in sales revenue and even more in a steady flow of customer traffic.

Ideas and strategies that virtually 99% of those reading this RIGHT now never knew existed and the main reason I have titled my program “Insane Marketing Strategies”

To read my full BIO, click HERE.

LITERALLY, The ‘Inside Marketing Secrets’ Of The World’s Top Millionaire Entrepreneurs and Internet Marketers… Do you WANT MORE? Read On!
  • The Power of Reverse Marketing; How you can create a persona and the perception that buying your product and doing business with you is a privilege. You have thousands (if not tens of thousands) of competitors; and unless you elevate yourself above them in the eyes of you customer, you will always get what you always have and not a penny more. However, when you master THIS strategy, it will be a whole new ball game. This creates millionaires.
  • How you can invest 9 minutes a day of your free time into a 100% increase in your referral base. SHOCKINGLY easy; yet less than 1% of the top marketers even think about doing this. One life insurance agent I taught this to generated $7 million in NEW policy sales in an 8 day period and since that point has never looked back.
  • You will learn what I call my “Elvis Presley” Marketing Technique, that will send huge traffic to your business or website 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for at least a 2 week period! You can repeat it and you SHOULD repeat it!
  • The “SECRET” behind EVERY millionaire entrepreneur and Internet marketer I have ever worked with is a solid USP (Unique Selling Proposition) backed by targeted, outrageous, magnetic marketing that pulls. This is one “secret” you have to learn if you truly want a seven figure income.  There is no way around it.
  • You are sitting on AT LEAST Three (3) hidden income streams within your business that can immediately add $1,000 to $10,000+ a month in NEW revenue without spending any additional money on marketing. I will show you where and how to find them and when I do, you could find even more.
  • Why figuring out your “Acquisition Cost Per Customer” is the single most important aspect of marketing; and how the world’s top entrepreneurs and Internet marketers use it to continually increase sales; while their competition arbitrarily spends “hoping for the best”. You NEED to understand this if you want to make serious money. I will also show you how to implement this tool effectively.
  • I will show you how My “Free Money” marketing gimmick allowed me to NET $6,200 every two weeks from a simple 1,000 piece mailer and how YOU can do the same.
  • How to create your own “Scandal” that will have a positive impact and send more traffic to your website than your server can handle. And it costs NOTHING to implement.
  • You will learn the COMPLETE anatomy of a Sales Letter I did for a client and you’ll see how he went from a ½% response to a 12% response and $50,000 in NEW business for him from just one mailing. I’ll show you where I restructured the letter, step by step, in such a way that by the time the prospects finished reading it, they were BEGGING my client to sell to them. You will be able to copy and paste and use it in your own business and website.
  • How your business, ANY BUSINESS, (whether online OR offline) can generate $250,000 to $1 million+ this year and every year by marketing an “Experience”. This technique PAYS FOR ITSELF; and I can guarantee you that less than 1% of your competitors know about this. It costs virtually NOTHING TO IMPLEMENT and by itself could outsell all you other products or services! When I show you this technique, you are going to be SO PUMPED, the creative juices will start flowing and NOTHING will stop you from putting it into action. THIS IS A CASH COW!
You Get to Instantly Download the TWO Hour Audio Program AND the E-Book to go along with it (PLUS EXTRA material). TODAY!

This is What I Love the Most: Hearing from People who Implemented My Strategies and How They Succeeded
I saw Mark’s SOLD OUT event in Singapore and when I left I immediately put his techniques into action. His one-of-a-kind strategies on marketing and handling customer objections proved to be HUGE, as I closed 4 deals worth a total of $28,000 in commissions to me personally, 3 weeks thereafter!! He is far and away one of the top experts when it comes to making money as an entrepreneur. The $295 ticket price turned into $28,000 plus. Amazing deal”
Alvin Tan, Executive Director - Xirlynx Innovations, Singapore's No. 1 SEO Consultant ranked by Google, Yahoo! & MSN
INCREDIBLE! One of Mark’s techniques allowed me to close an additional 5 figures in NEW business after I finished his book. Five figures… REAL MONEY! Five figures in new business in less than two weeks. I am going to say it again… five figures!”
Sterling Whitley,, Dallas, TX
“Dear Mr. McClure, I just wanted to let you know that I believe you have written the best book I have ever read on business and sales in particular. I did not come from a background in sales and the knowledge you have given me, in one book, has raised me to be top in my game. Your book is a MUST read for anyone in business!”
Terressa Nordstrom
“You want a testimonial? How about how I generated $120,000 in revenue over a 90 day period after I implemented Mark McClure’s advice on direct mail marketing. Finally a book on sales and marketing from someone that has actually SOLD for living rather than all the wannabe’s!”
Clayton Rackley, Shadow Enterprises, Atlanta, GA
“Mark McClure? Are you kidding me? Since I was introduced to his marketing ideas a little over a year ago, I added $62,000 in ADDITIONAL revenue I never would have generated had I not applied two of his ideas. Those are real numbers. I LOVE THIS GUY!”
Clif Norwine, CEO - C2N Productions, Dallas, TX

“Mark has single handily produced and developed the marketing for my new show, Inside Sports UNLEASHED, set to shoot in Miami then air nationally. Furthermore he helped locate an additional income stream for my radio show Sean Salisbury UNLEASHED, that is going to triple revenues and listenership. Mark’s ideas truly are like no others.”
Sean Salisbury, Former NFL Quarterback and ESPN Analyst; Current host of Sean Salisbury UNFILTERED; New host of Inside Sports UNLEASHED

Opps! I almost  forgot! ALSO included:
14 Insane Marketing Ideas That Will Add $200,000+ To Your Income THIS Year…You Have NO MORE EXCUSES!

I am absolutely DEAD SERIOUS. Each and every one of these techniques I have used and my partners and private clients have used with massive success, generating anywhere from an extra $2,500 in sales to more than $100,000+ PER MONTH marketing high priced products and services to a customer base our competitors claimed were “broke”, in a “recession”, “tightening the wallets”, etc… Funny, no one told THEM THAT.

 There Is A Boatload Of Money Out There And We Americans Are Spending It In Droves:

  • There are people standing in lines with perfectly good $300 smart phones less than a year old scrapping them and looking for the more expensive version.
  • 5 year old kids with cell phones and laptops we looked at as luxuries 10 years ago, now a “necessity” that Little Johnny has to have.
  • Households with more flat screen TVs then there are people in the family, TVs that become “outdated” the minute a bigger version comes along.
  • It doesn’t end there; Mercedes, Bentleys, Porsches, and Audis flying off the lots everywhere at premium prices to tens of thousands of customers who have no idea what “sticker shock” means.
  • $500 hotel rooms and $25 martinis are now the norm, not the exception, for affluent America. That is why there is a constant flood of new chic boutique hotels being developed daily from major brands looking to tap that massive segment!
  • $40 jeans, $60 sneakers and $30 shirts are a thing of the past for the Gen X, Gen Y and Gen Z demographics; and there are MORE of those people that can afford the pricier brand names than those that can’t, and they are willing to open their wallets if you let them.
  • Tell Starbucks people won’t spend $5.00 for a cup of coffee and see what they say?
  • Tell NFL teams fans won’t pay $10,000 for 8 season tickets and tell me their response?
  • Tell a wedding planner that there is a limited market for $50,000 weddings and they will laugh you out of the room. 
The People Spending This Kind of Money Are YOUR CUSTOMERS
 They are ready and willing to spend even MORE MONEY with you if you can show them how; and, more importantly, CONVINCE THEM, why they should.

Do my tips, techniques and strategies work? I have companies willing to pay me $6,000-$10,000 TO COME TO THEIR OFFICE FOR THE DAY to teach them marketing ideas and strategies they can implement for their business. And they are happy to write that check.

In Insane Marketing Strategies, you are going to have access to my 14 Most Outrageous, Innovative Marketing Ideas that are going to allow you to generate more customer traffic and, in the process, get your CURRENT customers to spend MORE MONEY WITH YOU. Do they work? 

Here are some results from some of my past clients that used them:
  • A jewelry store used my “Key To The Vault” marketing technique and in ONE WEEK generated 3,000 additional “walk-in” customers to his store that spent over $100,000! He repeated this again 2 months later and generated $120,000 the second time around. Works for ANY business and will drive more traffic to your website in 1 week than you have in 6 months.
  • A roofing supply company in Atlanta, Georgia rewrote their marketing piece to conform to my direct mail format and in a 90 day period pulled in $120,000 in NEW business. Close to 30% came from their website alone!
  • An SEO consultant in Singapore (he is ranked #1 in Asia on Google and MSN) applied my “Cash As A Weapon” Marketing technique and generated 4 new clients worth an additional $28,000 in commissions.
  • An Internet marketer in Australia applied my “Holiday Creation” technique and sold $18,000 worth of his coaching and books in ONE WEEK.
  • How my “Scandal Technique” increased online sales for a golf product from $12K to $175K in ONE MONTH.
  • When I use to own several nightclubs and restaurants, my “Government Issue” marketing technique would cause lines of customers out the door and huge, huge money making nights, it truly was the envy of my competition. Use this technique for your OFFLINE or ONLINE business and watch YOUR INCOME EXPLODE.That is just the tip of the iceberg of Insane Marketing Strategies can do for YOUR business…REGARDLESS of what kind of business you are in (I am talking about legal businesses, of course!) either online or offline, where one… ONE TECHNIQUE ALONE, will pay for this course 1,000s of times over, no matter where you live. 
Imagine how much money you will make by instituting ALL of them!

So, let's take a look at what YOU get in INSTANT DOWNLOAD

Insane Marketing Audio Program
$297.00 VALUE

INSTANTLY download: Two Full Hours of all my powerful sales and marketing tips, techniques and strategies that will generate a HUGE increase in your in sales and revenue and massive increases in customer traffic while your competitors flail in the wind. INCLUDING the 14 most outrageous, innovative marketing ideas that are going to allow you generate more customer traffic and, in the process, get your CURRENT customers to spend MORE MONEY WITH YOU. The system that works for ANY business online or offline, in ANY geographical market and (more importantly) in ANY economy on a shoestring budget! One idea ALONE could make you filthy rich.

Insane Marketing E-Book
$47.00 VALUE

Everything you will learn in the audio program PLUS an additional 50 pages of BONUS marketing techniques and inside information, NOT found in the audio program…. all packed into this book. Allowing you to visualize and put into action ALL of my insane, outside the box, proven and profitable MONEY MAKING, traffic generating ideas as soon as you read them. Mark my words, this book is soon to be a NY Times and AMAZON best seller. Get it before it hits the presses NOW… in Instant Download! 

Insane Marketing Templates
$197.00 VALUE

Some of the “Best of the Best” of my Greatest Hits in terms of ad copy myself and private clients developed that generated millions in sales for our online and offline businesses on a global scale. Copy, tweak and steal these amazing, traffic generating ad copy examples for your OWN business. Examples include the following:

  • Business Cards on Steroids (two of clients had to STOP using them due to too many customers!)
  • Newspaper Display Ads (wait until you see some of these….hysterical and highly, highly effective)
  • Classified Ads (some of the best we used in USA Today and Wall Street Journal)
  • Direct Mail (one example is a “Before” and “After” of a client that went from a ½% to 12% response
  • Advertorials (one of the best ways to drive your message home and create traffic to your phone and website)

All the work has been done! Simply find the ones you like and tweak and massage to your own business and watch the flood of traffic it creates. STEAL WITH IMPUNITY!

You get the FULL Insane Marketing Strategies Program

And the BEST part? I want you to try my system WITH NO RISK!

MY INSANE, 30 Day Risk Free, 100% Money Back

  • If  “Insane Marketing Strategies” is not everything I promised, and for whatever reason you are not 100% satisfied, just email me within the first 30 days and I will give you your money back, NO QUESTIONS ASKED!
  • This is MY PERSONAL GUARANTEE to you!
  • So go Ahead and TEST DRIVE “Insane Marketing Strategies” RISK FREE for the next 30 Days

I know that when I click the button below I have NO MORE EXCUSES for not EARNING a high six figure income.


So, Let’s RECAP All You Get At This Insane Low Price

Insane Marketing Strategies

 So what are you waiting for? Take action now and get access to Insane Marketing Strategies for the special price of only $39.95! (One Time Payment)
  • YES! I’m ready to try INSANE MARKETING STRATEGIES at the Ridiculously Low Price of $39.95 for 30 days at ABSOLUTELY NO RISK!
  • YES! I want Insane Marketing TWO Hours Audio Program in Instant Download NOW
  • Insane Marketing Book, Everything that you find in the Audio Program PLUS EXTRA Bonus Material
  • Insane Marketing Templates, Some of Your ” Best HITS” in Terms of Ad Copy
  • YES! I want Marketing Strategies that are Easy to Use and Implement and They Will NOT Cost an Arm and a Leg…
  • YES! I WILL implement the techniques and when I get off the charts RESULTS, I will give you a GREAT TESTIMONIAL
  • YES! I am ready to INCREASE customer traffic and sales for my online and offline business. Traffic I have never experienced before.
  • YES! I understand I can get a FULL REFUND at ANY point within the first 30 days of purchase, for ANY reason… NO QUESTIONS ASKED.
Only $39.95


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